Activities » Game and Ticketing Information for ZHS Fall Sports 2021

Game and Ticketing Information for ZHS Fall Sports 2021

We are excited to finally have some events and look forward to seeing you there! Here is some information that I hope will answer your questions, but if not, please contact me at

Most Sporting Events will be Broadcast by Doug Davis on the ZillahSports website:   This website is linked to our Zillah HS webpage under athletics.


Link to Broadcast information for other SCAC schools:

For schedules, please go to and go to our Zillah High School website.   This website will give you a lot of athletics information for our programs.

Game Tickets will be given to the team members and coaches to be distributed.

You must have a ticket to attend an event, wear a mask and practice social distancing in the stands (families are allowed to sit together)

Attendance for Phase 2 team sport contests:

  1. SCAC League will allocate the 200 allowable participants/spectators into a 60-40% split. 120 allowable spots will be allocated to the home team, 80 allowable spots will be allocated to the visiting team. a. The allowable spots include both spectators and participants (Participants are defined as only players, coaches, cheer members, and trainers on an official team roster).    b. Schools have the ability to mutually agree upon a different percentage split.    c. Home event staff are counted towards the total number of home tickets.
  2. The League will adopt a dated unique ticket template for the date of the contest. a. Ticket will have attestation with signature and pertinent information. b. Only spectators and other team personnel (scorekeepers, filmers, statisticians etc.) will be given tickets for entry and will be screened (temp taken) at the gate.      c. Each individual game will have its own specific ticket even if held at the same venue on the same date. Ex. Volleyball V, JV/C each with their own ticket.

As you can see, with this policy, attendance at games will be very limited.  For Varsity Football games we hope to give each player 1 ticket for home games and one or none for away.  For Varsity Volleyball each player will get about 6 tickets for home events and 4 for away.  For JV/C Volleyball 3 tickets for home and 2 away.  After JV/C Volleyball the gym will be cleared to allow a new group of spectators to attend the Varsity Match.  Girls Soccer will get 6 for home and 4 away.  Cross-Country parents will not be given tickets as we have 4 teams coming to meets and there will not be room for spectators.  I would encourage XC parents to find a spot close to the area that they can watch parts of the race from their car.  Of course, the numbers could change, and we will adjust the allocation of tickets to ensure as many people as possible attend the events.   We must stay at the 200 per event number for now.

Be prepared, as some Schools may charge for entrance to events.  There will be no charge at Zillah home games.

See you at a game,

Rock Winters