Students must complete three components to graduate with Zillah High School which include: Specific course sequence and credits, the High School and Beyond Plan, and a Graduation Pathway. The following information can guide you in understanding these three components:
  • English Language Arts: 4 CREDITS
  • Math: 3 CREDITS
    • Algebra 1 (1.0), Geometry (1.0), Algebra II (1.0). The fourth credit in Math is chosen by the student based on the HSBP. 
  • Science: 3 CREDITS
    • 2.0 credits must be in LAB SCIENCE. The 3rd credit in Science is chosen by the student based on the HSBP 
  • Social Studies: 3 CREDITS
    • Civics (.5), US History (1.0), CWP (1.0), Social Studies Elective Course (.5) Washington State History (non credit requirement completed in middle school or through edgenuity)
  • Performing/Visual Arts: 2 CREDITS
    • At least 1.0 credit must be completed with courses in: Art, Band, Choir and/or Drama. The 2nd credit may be course from Art, Band, Choir and/or Drama or could be a Personalized Pathway Credit.
  • World Language: 2 CREDITS
    • 2.0 credits may be satisfied from completion of World Language courses or it may be satisfied with Personalized Pathway Credits.
  • Health & Fitness: 2 CREDITS
    • Completing a sport season may be substituted for the Fitness graduation requirement at a .5 credit per season/sport for up to a maximum of 1.5 credits if the health assessment component was completed and is verified by the ZHS Health & Fitness Department.
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE): 2 CREDITS
    • This requirement may be satisfied with Occupational Education courses that meet the definition of an exploratory course as described in the CTE program standards such as: Agriculture, Business Education, Engineering, Work Based Learning, and Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center (YVT). 
  • Electives 8 CREDITS
  • Senior Project: 1 CREDIT
    • 1.0 credit will be granted upon successful completion of the Independent Study Senior Project during the Senior year.
Personalized Pathway Credits: Personalized pathway means coursework identified in a Student's High School and Beyond Plan deemed necessary to attain the career or educational goals chosen by the student.
High School and Beyond Plan:  The High School & Beyond Plan is a state graduation requirement described in RCW 28A.230.090 and WAC 180-51-220.
  • Students earn 1.0 credits for the completion of their High School & Beyond Plan, which includes the completion of all XELLO lessons/assignments, and the final XELLO profile presentation during the Spring of the senior year. Each grade 9-12 has lessons and assignments in XELLO to be completed as part of this accumulative senior project, which provides education in planning/developing career and educational goals, community service experiences, resumes, scholarship resources and more.
    • XELLO can be accessed through a student's CLEVER account
Graduation Pathway OptionsA graduation pathway is a state requirement as outlined in HB1599 that requires that students meet proficiency levels in ELA and Math through at least one pathway option as outlined below:
  • State Assessment: Meet or exceed the graduation scores in the Smarter Balanced Assessments (SBA) in English language arts (ELA) and mathematics or in WA-AIM (Washington Access to Instruction & Measurement). To meet this pathway option, students need to earn at least the graduation score on the ELA and Math SBA of:
    • ELA Score: 2548
    • Math Score: 2595
  • Dual Credit: Earn at least one high school credit in ELA and at least one high school credit in math in dual credit courses (Running Start, College in the High School, and/or Career and Technical Education dual credit courses). Courses must be at the 100 level or higher.
  • SAT/ACT: Meet or exceed the graduation scores set by SBE in the math and ELA portions of the SAT or ACT.
    • SAT Math Score: 430
    • SAT ELA Score: 410
    • ACT Math Score: 16
    • ACT ELA Score: 14
  • Combination: Meet any combination of at least one ELA and one math option of those options listed above.
  • ASVAB: Meet standard on the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) by scoring at least the minimum established by the military for eligibility to serve in a branch of the armed services.
    • ASVAB Score: 31
  • CTE Sequence: Complete a sequence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.
    • CTE courses approved by ZHS. Please see your counselor for additional details.
Independent Study Courses:
  • Imagine Edgenuity Edgenuity is available free of cost for students who are currently enrolled at ZHS as a distance learning student, or a student in need of additional courses for credit recovery. Edgenuity can be accessed through the CLEVER portal.
  • BYU Independent Study High School and College independent study courses are available through BYU with affordable courses starting from $189. This option is available to students who would like to take supplemental coursework in addition to the classes they're taking at ZHS, to catch up, fill course gaps, get ahead, or to graduate early!
Tutoring Resources:
  • AM Tutoring: M-F, 7-7:30, Room 110 with Tammy Lewis
  • PM Tutoring: M-TH, 3:00-4:00 PM, Room 110 with Tammy Lewis
  • Teacher Help: Teachers are available in their classrooms before school from 7:30-8:00, and after school from 2:45-3:00