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Mary Poppins Audition materials

1. Complete the technical crew job application.
2.  Submit it to Mrs. Brant by February 15.
3.  REQUIRED:  Complete your job interview.  February 16, 3-4 pm.
4. Be sure you are academically eligible.
To apply for an ACTING POSITION:
1.Fill out the form below.
2. Fill out the paper audition form and bring it to Mrs. Brant or Mrs. Bell
3. Find a monologue (see Brant's room or online)
4. Memorize it.   Plan movement for it. (Need help?  See Brant.  Practices on Feb. 8 and 15 (3-4 pm in PAC) before singing practice too)
5. Learn the music.  (Singing practices Feb. 8 and 15 in PAC. 4-5 pm)
6. Come do your audition!  Singing: Feb. 21   Monologue and Choreo: Feb 22
7.  Be sure you are academically eligible by February 23.
Actors:  Fill out this form after you do the paper one and get your parent's signature.
Audition Materials: